Brent Corrigan: How to put on a condom

Brent Corrigan shows you how to put on a condom in this video:

Click here and scroll down:

How to put on a Condom

Terry Gerace from Washington D.C.based sexually transmitted disease (STD) prevention group DC Fuk !t  tell us about Corrigan:

“He has long since become an advocate for safer sex and has very publicly apologized for his past appearances in films depicting unsafe sexual practices”.

Corrigan say:

“My feelings on the matter are very simple. I set a bad example at one time in my life, when I was a very young person. Being young is not an excuse for my actions, but it does indicate how and why those mistakes were made in the first place.”

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  1. […] vil jeg nævne artiklen Brent Corrigan how to put on a Condom, som relevant for alle homoseksuelle (mænd). Den adskiller sig fra de øvrige indlæg ved at […]

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