Brent Corrigan: How to put on a condom

Brent Corrigan shows you how to put on a condom in this video:

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How to put on a Condom

Terry Gerace from Washington D.C.based sexually transmitted disease (STD) prevention group DC Fuk !t  tell us about Corrigan:

“He has long since become an advocate for safer sex and has very publicly apologized for his past appearances in films depicting unsafe sexual practices”.

Corrigan say:

“My feelings on the matter are very simple. I set a bad example at one time in my life, when I was a very young person. Being young is not an excuse for my actions, but it does indicate how and why those mistakes were made in the first place.”

Brent Corrigans oral Exam

Brent Corrigans oral Exam. With Matthew Rush as coach…

Matthew: First tell me the best way to keep from getting HIV during sexual intercourse?

Brent: Oh, thats easy! Always use a condom with plenty of condom safe fluid!

Matthew: Okay smart guy. Now. Show me the proper way to put on a condom!

Brent: Okay coach. Do you have a banana I can put it on?

Matthew: Ha..ha..! Brent! Nobody have sex with a banana! You going to put it on yourself!

Brent: I like this a lot better, coach!

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Brent Corrigan oral Exam

Remember, to stop the spread of HIV:

Choose: Condoms, Monogamy or Abstinence!

Brent Corrigan explains it all

Brent Corrigan rykker ud igen – denne gang med spejl i panden – og forklarer, at vi skal bruge kondom.

Alt andet er uansvarligt.

Han bruger sex til at sælge safe sex.

Ja, men det vigtigste er at der er safe!

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Brent Corrigan explains it all